Private-public sectors’ new partnershipEstablishment of the Arab Organisation for Tourism [Archives:2004/779/Business & Economy]

October 7 2004

Convening of the constituent conference of the Arab Organisation for Tourism came as complementary to the Arab efforts aimed at activation of intertourism. The conference has grouped in Sana'a 18 countries that studied a draft of the organization's system as a regional grouping reviving hope for laying the first brick for the establishment of this important tourist and economic entity, necessary for developing tourism in Yemen or between the Arab countries.
The convention of the conference represents an Arab step forward towards cooperation to overcome all factors violating security safety and to adopt scientific methods, researches and field studies as a basis in the new work of the Arab Organisation as a nucleus for alliance and cooperation with the private sector in the Arab world.
The conference also aims at attaining the goals aspired for from the organization of Arab Tourism in its participation in activation and promotion for investment projects in the Arab countries through deepening discussions with the private sector on promotion and means of enhancement of cooperation of both private and public sectors in Yemen and Arab countries.
Participants in the conference have affirmed the private sector's capability of drawing up long-term plans on tourism industry under cooperation of both private and public sectors and training and rehabilitation of Arab cadres for engaging them in implementation of the organization's objectives.
The participants have also explained that the Arab tourism has witnessed a noticeable increase in volume among the Arab countries after the events of September 11 by a rate reached 28% while the Arab intertrade is still at a proportion of 8%. The participants also stress the significance of Arab tourism industry as considered the strategic goal of the Arab economy.
They have revealed their countries' desire for building one or many companies for supporting 4-star hotels in the Arab world and gather their ownership, and to add new investments as well as the establishment of companies for running medium hotels. The conference has affirmed the importance of active partnership between private and public sectors for the development of Arab tourism. They also emphasized on the work for creating a clear vision supporting the Arab tourist sector and providing for a convenient infrastructure for the advance of Arab tourism.
Yemen expects from the conference promotion for tourist, investment constituents and legal facilities encouraging for attraction of Arab capitals to invest in the Yemeni tourist sector.
The foundation of the Arab Organisation of Tourism represents a joint Arab project inspiring hope in development of Arab economies and breathing life into the present recession befalling the Arab tourist sector.