Private sector developmentA national responsibility [Archives:2004/704/Business & Economy]

January 19 2004

A number of small investors have considered the development of private sector in Yemen as a joint national responsibility and that necessitates heading for encouragement and supporting small enterprises, vocational training and offering loans to small producers.
Minister of industry and trade of Yemen Dr Khalid Rajih has confirmed the necessity of embarking on a project for development and growth of the private sector and creating opportunities of jobs in the bid for alleviating the amount and sharpness of poverty.
At a workshop held for that purpose in Sana'a the minister added that implementing the project must be accomplished with the spirit of a unified team in the way ensuring its continuation and expansion the base of beneficiaries from it in all governorates.
The project includes preliminary activities for development of small enterprises, among which the conducting of a field survey aimed at trading sector, economic structure of medium and small industries and forming the Yemeni working team beside the German team that is carrying out implementation of the project in favour of the private sector.
The project is receiving attention of the Yemeni government with the help of donor parties according to a program aiming at developing productive skills and the increase of their marketing production.
The program would rehabilitate small enterprises and getting acquainted with volume of their commercial components and the extent of possibility for developing to increase national exports and developing national income from non-oil sources.
Owners of medium and small industries ascribe the recession of their products in the Yemeni market to the intensive competition before them in imported food and other commodities. Those demand for not flooding the local market with imported goods which are of low grade in quality, specifications and standardizations and also of low prices. Those factors would expose their goods to be unsaleable and cause them losses.