Private sector participation in curbing employment [Archives:2004/733/Business & Economy]

April 29 2004

By Yemen Times Staff

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour has urged the private sector in Yemen to have effective participation in implementation of intensive labour projects in the bid of curbing unemployment and contribution to protecting Yemeni labour against exploitation and despotism.
Participants in the consultative meeting organised by the unit of labour work at the ministry have stressed the importance of cooperation between the private sector and the ministry for restraining child labour and their being exploited and also to help hem return to schools and training institutes in application of International Labour agreement.
The meeting has also discussed a draft bill on jobs prohibited to worker children. The regulation contains 35 articles that defined the jobs dangerous for children and work sites suitable for them according to international agreements signed by Yemen.
Ms Muna Salem, director of the children work at the ministry of social affairs and labour emphasized the importance of joining forces for fighting child labour, calling for enactment of a strong legislation supporting field work in the process of curbing the phenomenon of child labour.
More than 300 thousand Yemeni children work in free works and for owners of workshops, agriculture farms, carrying heavy weights in popular markets, for construction contractors and iron wastes and plastic materials for recycling them in factories.
The government says it is ken on preventing child labour by carrying out a national strategy on fighting poverty for improving family income and assisting poor segments of the society to keep their children at schools and institutes of raining and qualification.