Private sector to boost 2005 jobs [Archives:2005/814/Business & Economy]

February 7 2005

Participants in the workshop on private sector development and job opportunities that was held from Jan. 15-17 evaluated what was achieved during 2004 in the Taiz and Aden provinces and reviewed the program 2005 work plan.

Mohammed Abdulaziz, a government representative, said that the government intends to ensure employment opportunities through the program, and wants the active participation of others.

The program has been coordinated between the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training and is expected to expand into other provinces. A committee has been set up jointly by the two ministries to draft strategies for the next period, in early 2007.

Yusof Toma, manager of the program, said “the program hopefully will cover other provinces [and] is primarily concerned with creating job opportunities for young people and reducing the unemployment rate, one of the most difficult problems facing the country.”