Procedures activating fish sector,Fishermen complain their condition [Archives:2005/833/Business & Economy]

April 14 2005

Yemeni cabinet adopted a number of procedures aimed at activating the sector of fish wealth. It also approved the suggestive executive program for 2005 and 2006.

These procedures aim to organize fishing in seawater, to establish a suitable management for fishing and to maintain them. These procedures deal with protecting the small-aged fishermen and alleviating poverty in the coastal areas. They are targeting to attract investment and increase income of fishing in order to elevate the participation of this sector in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and to improve and enhance internal and external marketing.

Sources at the Ministry of Fish Wealth told Yemen Times that it was about to execute a number of specific procedures for protecting the conventional fishing that forms 95% in Yemen. This matter requires the provision of protection for traditional fishermen throughout activating control system on the Yemeni coastline that is considered the longest in the area (2400 kilometer).

The sources added that the ministry would execute tens of projects to develop fishing sector during this year including the creation of a number of fishery establishments on the Yemen coastline territories. He said that the ministry would encourage the role of local and external private sector investment in the Yemeni fishery areas.

The government considers fishing one of the most important economic sectors that will help develop the littoral areas and double the income of the state. Activating this sector and founding the priorities in offering costs and specifying the special sums of money, is the focus in this stage of establishing infrastructure represented in fishing ports.

Fishermen complain of their miserable condition while using conventional fishing methods saying that they needed more official support in order to overcome the difficulties that hinder increase of their production. They also ask for more facilities in marketing since they have only three fridges for keeping their fish for a long period before going to markets.