Program for meeting basic needs for the poor in Hodeidah [Archives:2004/727/Business & Economy]

April 8 2004

Yemen Times Staff
The program of meeting the basic needs plays an essential role in effecting development and serving poor communities in the governorates of Yemen. He program aims at developing the society and improving the quality of life among the individuals through creating job opportunities for them and to depend on the local professions, resources and human capabilities.
Since 1999 the program was able in the governorate of Hodeidah to achieve tangible results in the organizing poor communities, qualifying them by depending on themselves and own capacities in addition to help them found means of communication with government and donor parties for funding individual and collective projects that produce income. The general goal of the program is the improvement of the type of life by financing the poor families with small loans to be recovered without interest and redistributing them on others of the poor at the same community of the village where the program is practicing its activities. The village of Mandhar in Hodeidah governorate has been chosen as a sample for realizing the program objectives. The poor have been granted small loans to implement income-producing projects then it has been extended to Marwia district as a multi-example. At the beginning of 203 the program activities was extended to Lahya district for carrying out the program's activities as an example of a city at the center of the district.
Among the mechanisms of the program is the beneficiary participation with part of the net profit he has gained in favour of a fund moving in the village in the name of the local council while the asset in the fund is dispensed via the local council for serving development in the selected village.
The fund finances school activities, health and water projects, building mosques, extending assistance to the patient and following up the village's services. In the governorate of Hodeidah the program has fulfilled many works, most important of which the creation of social formations for administrating the society and qualification of individuals for running their own affairs through training and qualification.
The program has also carried a out various social activities among them in the district of Lahya, such as preparing statistical surveys for the community and its economic, health, social, educational and environmental requirements. The program has started training courses in illiteracy eradication among women and held trainings in environment health and health guidance and education as well as first aid and emergencies. It has also worked under the supervision of the health office at the governorate for creating media of communication with government authorities and donor sides for offering essential services in the areas where the program implements its activities.
This program is considered among the programs aimed at fighting poverty and development of local community. For carrying out its activities the program depends on local resources and meets needs of the poor communities in accordance with its requirements and it also works for introducing development according to the need.