Project for developing local system for seeds production [Archives:2003/665/Business & Economy]

September 4 2003

Yemen is presently implementing a project for developing local systems for seed production by communicating with farmers in areas where there are heavy rainfalls. The aim is to disseminate modern technologies and dependence on agricultural studies on increasing production.
The adoption of the project was because of the limited range of ability of public sector seeds systems to cover local needs.
Government supply of seeds covers only 10% of the gross demand for seeds. The other reason for starting the project is the bad quality of local seeds and variance of agricultural climates as well as the need for a sustainable system in agriculture.
The project aims at increasing production of local seeds categories and supplying needs for farmers in addition to evaluating local agricultural kinds.
The project is being implemented by the State Authority For Agricultural Research and Guidance, expected to be finished next June and covering areas in Dhamar, Mahweet, Ibb, Hudeida and Lahj.
The project aims to improve crops of 5 species of local maze and 10 species of improved seeds of maze and other crops.
The team supervising execution of the project is paying regular field visits to the areas covered by the project services, explaining to farmers aims of the project which are to increase seeds production, receiving consultation and providing technologies necessary for the project success.
The important purpose of the project is to make available high quality seeds and improving their agriculture production with modern mechanisms.