Project for engaging expatriates in securities system [Archives:2004/705/Business & Economy]

January 22 2004

Legal advisor to Yemeni community in Riyadh Abdulghani al-Shaibani offered a project for including the Yemeni expatriates in the countries they are living in the securities system inside Yemen and that has included proposals and remarks aimed at achieving mutual benefit for the state and the expatriate.
The project presented to the ministry of civil service contained demanding the state establishment for social securities to create a special system for participation of expatriates and explaining the social and securities benefits he expatriate would gain in future. The project suggested that embassies and communities in the countries where the expatriates are living should carry out propaganda promoting among he expatriates to join the securities voluntarily and duties of subscription should be defined according t capabilities of those of limited income as the establishment considers.
The project also suggested mechanisms of implementation through involving the expatriates in the securities system provided that the concerned parties coordinate with the state where expatriates live to open accounts in its banks in the name of the state establishment of securities so that the subscriber be able to deposit his payable installments at the establishment's account.
The project requested the establishment to issue a special card for the expatriates bearing the number and name and necessary statements concerning the expatriate to help- him pay installments without delay.
The project also suggested the appointment of a representative for the establishment to be based at the Yemeni embassy and his tasks are to complete necessary procedures for expatriates' subscription, opening accounts for them and issuing cards for them.
The project expects that this tendency would provide for the expatriates security for their future and families in emergency cases and for dealing with the problems that may encounter the expatriate in cases of his being exposed to danger. In the foreseeable period the project aims at contributing financial revenues and hard currency to the Yemeni state that can be invested in various fields of economic feasibility.