Project on counting talents of the expatriates sector [Archives:2005/838/Business & Economy]

May 2 2005

Sources at the ministry of expatriates affairs have said that the ministry has taken practical steps to implement a project defining talents and creativity among sons of the Yemeni expatriates.

The sources also say that the ministry has addressed the Yemeni embassies and leaders of the Yemeni communities in a number of countries to register all the innovators and the talented in all literary, artistic and scientific fields.

The ministry has also opened a website on the internet to register names of the creative people from Yemen's sons in all countries of the world, pointing that the ministry is seeking to incorporate the Yemeni talents inside Yemeni circles, activities inside the country and to build bridges of communication between the creative in any field with inside sides of specialty.

They added that the project aims at adopting the talented and offering them support as well as engaging the youth of Yemeni communities in programs and plans directed to their counterparts inside the country. As well as to obtain privileges, affirming that Yemeni communities are full of creative and talented minds.