Project to monitor women rights in Yemen [Archives:2007/1045/Local News]

April 26 2007

SANA'A', April, 22) On Sunday April 29, Yemeni Media Women Forum inaugurates the first conference to present the report of monitoring women's rights movement in 18 governorates in Yemen. The report has been funded by the National Endowment for Democracy for the first three months (January, February, and March).

According to a press release, issued from the Forum on Sunday, the project is to monitor the positive and negative changes in women's way of rights and how the social, political, economical, and cultural attitudes are changed towards women.

The results of monitoring will be issued in periodical reports to clarify the changes on the level of each of the concerned Yemeni governorates which were monitored. “This process depends on the direct watch, living and following up of 18 researchers from the different 18 governorates. The monitoring process also includes what have been published about women in websites and Yemeni newspapers to make an available scientific curriculum and reference to the other organizations that are interested in women issues.” Said the press release.

The reports will be distributed to international and local organizations that work in women's rights in Arabic and English languages to help them in their struggle to achieve their programs.

At the end of the conference, Media Women forum allocated an hour for the Darfur's victims in Sudan in the occasion of the international day of Darfur which was decided by number of HR activists, journalists and bloggers from different Arabic and foreign 14 countries, who participated In ” the second annual leadership & civil rights seminar (which was held between 11-15 April