Projects for better roads [Archives:2005/897/Business & Economy]

November 24 2005

The Yemeni government has brought about projects of maintenance of 398.3 km of paved roads in all governorates which have deteriorated to the extent that they no longer meet the standards for driving and safety standards. Maintenance works includes the renovation of asphalt layers, the rebuilding of road foundation and general overhaul of roads.

This has been carried out as part of the works implemented by roads maintenance fund and as a result of the state keenness on taking care of roads and maintaining them to facilitate safe driving conditions and prevent existent roads from collapse.

Information derived from the fund of the ministry of public works and roads indicates that the reinforcement projects that have been implemented are 14km of the Shibam-Thala-Hababa road, maintenance of 30km of the Mareb-Sana'a road, 14km of the Shareeja-Thala-Hababah road, km 20 of the Sana'a-Mareb road, and maintenance of 26-km Ameen-Naqbah road, 65-km Thamar-Radaa road, 42.3-km Sana'a-Mareb road, 30-km Sana'a-Arhab road and maintenance and reinforcement of the 45-km Shaqrah-Ameen-Luder road, amounting to YR one billion, 777 million and 926 thousand.

There are other three projects under implementation with an estimated cost of YR 613 million and 115 thousand. They are the roads of Sana'a-Mareb, 50km long, Hais-Mafraq road, 72km long and the road of Shaqrah-Hujain of 25 km long.