Projects to be implemented in Hadramout [Archives:2004/771/Business & Economy]

September 9 2004

The local council in Hadramout estimated that next year, the costs of projects will exceed YR 37 billion. Local and external resources are going to finance the 900 projects, of which 380 are new additions.
The local council, in its meeting presided over by Salimeen Abbood, also discussed a number of subjects on the agenda, such as the needs of the citizens of the governorate and the reasons for which some projects were halted.
Priority was given to projects related to health, education, sanitation, electricity, public works and roads especially in rural areas such as the island of Soqotra.
The Al-wade'a area in Hadramout will witness construction to facilitate the trade exchange between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. A road will be built to connect Hadramout Valley with Al- wade'a following plans for housing development in the area.
The underground structure preparation in Al- wade'a will help to increase the commercial activities between Yemen and Saudi Arabia as well as to attract investment in the area that covers 5 square kilometers.