Prominent singer Balfaqih in Yemen [Archives:2003/643/Community]

June 19 2003

Saleh Al-Basha

After 35 years of absence from Yemen and in a historical visit Abu Baker Salem Balfaqih, the great Yemeni singer, arrived to al-Mukala on Friday 13 June.
Senior officials representing Hadramout governorate and citizens from the area were quite well-prepared to welcome home Balfaqih, who resides in Saudi Arabia, after so long.
Balfaqih is expected to hold a number of parties and activities. The singer will also be visiting the tomb of his friend and the great poet Hussein Abu Baker al-Mehdar in al-Shaher City.
A number of meetings will be held with a number of artists in Hadramout City. Abu baker will attend a ceremony in Hadramout University to grant him the honorary doctorate in arts and literature in appreciation for his role in enriching the Yemeni song and have it heard in the entire Arab world.
The artist will visit Sayon and Tareem to get acquainted with its monuments and meet his friends there. He will also visit Aden as it has a special place in his memories.
This visit to Yemen is Balfaqih's second after he left the country in 1968. His earlier visit was in 1982 when he attended his daughter's wedding in Aden.
Yemen Times has learnt that the Governor of Hadramout Mr. Abdualkader Halal and Governor of Aden Dr. Yahya Mohammed al-Shuaibi, were among the first to receive and welcome Balfaqih.