Prominent YSP figures returning home [Archives:2003/644/Local News]

June 23 2003

Aden, June 21 (YT) – Several senior members of the Yemeni Social Party (YSP) who have been staying abroad since the 1994 civil war, have decided to return to Yemen after being encouraged by the recent presidential amnesty decree.
According to sources close to those exiled Yemenis, 81 persons who used to stay in the United Arab Emirates announced they are coming back along with their families and relatives, who are totaling 634.
The sources indicated that among those who decided to come back is Former Speaker the parliament Dr. Yassein Saeed Noman, Former Defense Minister Mr. Haitham Kasem Taher, Former Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Abdualaziz al-Dali, and Former Minister of Local Administration Mr. Mohammed Saeed Abduallah.
Another source mentioned that Mr. Adnan al-Beydh, the son of Ali Salem al-Beydh, the Former Vice-president, along with his brothers are most probably going to return as well.
However, there are no signs that Ali Salem Al-Beydh himself may be among those returnees.
It is worth noting that fourteen persons, eleven of them ranked as first lieutenant or colonel, along with their families (78 in total) have already returned from UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia after the amnesty decree was issued.