Promising tourism futureAl Qahera Castle in Taiz [Archives:2003/653/Last Page]

July 24 2003
Al-Qahera Castle
Al-Qahera Castle
Ahmad Saleh al Bokhary
For the Yemen Times

In Taiz , there are many tourist sites which can be of great importance for tourism. Al Qahera Castle is one of these sites but unfortunately needs attention to be qualified into a tourist spot.
It had been of great importance long time ago before revolution as a military center. Now , the situation has changed and the local authority must stress on the preparation of the castle for tourism . During the movement of the martyr Ahmad al Tolaia in which he tried to change the rule of Imam Ahmad , Al Qahera castle location had played a significant role in the fight between the Imam and the revolts. From the castle , Imam Ahmad ordered his military leader , al Mahgany , to cannon the armies and revolutionist gatherings . Imam killed many of the revolutionists among whom his own brother ,Sief al Eslam Abdullah . Under the patronage of the governor, Ahmad al Hegry , al Qahera castle and its walls have been continuously repaired to benefit from it as an international tourist location which will bring financial revenues .
After the completion of the repairs of the castle and its open to receive tourists, the country hosts international delegations from a number of countries among whom are Japanese .
Regarding the method in which the castle will attract the tourists , the castle will be provided with water fountains and water pours down to the west side of the castle into the old dam . The old dam was founded when repairing the wall , to be deep and huge .
And in return , water will fall again to the castle fountains. An electrical elevator will be provided to transport tourists from Saber mountain to the castle. This will enhance the tourist attraction factors and the tourist who stands on top of saber mountain , will view Taiz as if from a window in the sky.
Taiz enjoys a wonderful weather in all seasons of the year . On the top of saber mountain , you can enjoy a healthy weather . And as a result of the will-be-provided possibilities , the castle along with Sheikh Zaid park will become tourist spots for many official and tourist delegations. It is of great importance to lighten completely the way leading to the castle in order to get easily to the location day and night. In addition , it must be provided with qualified cadres for tourism service and safety to enhance Tourism.
Taiz is really a land of culture and education , a center of industrialization of many tradesmen among whom are Hael Saeed group companies named al- Saeed Group . All these elements help and encourage tourism investment in Taiz.