Promoting media performance of the Joint Meeting Parties [Archives:2006/908/Local News]

January 2 2006

SANA'A, Dec. 31 ) The JMP leadership, Executive Committee and the press editors, held an enlarged meeting on 29/12/2005 on their media activities. The meeting was how to expand media reporting and coverage of their political reform project, which was presented by the JMP to Yemeni people and government.

The meeting commended on the JMP's role in adopting people's problems, yet more media exposure has to be done in conveying the JMP's success and achievements.

Of the main obstacles in media work in Yemen, as discussed in the meeting, the monopoly of the official media channels especially radio and TV. Journalists shared their concern that this would limit their media performance and getting a versatile message across to the Yemeni public.

Moreover, the attendees in the meeting talked about the new press law draft proposed by the government's press law, and agreed on rejecting it because it contains many restrictions on press and expression freedom. “It also oppresses journals and journalists and substantiates dictatorship,” they agreed.

Of the main conclusions of the meeting was that media's role is very important in talking the people's issues and highlighting the public's concerns. And that something has to be done in order to strengthen the JMP's information and press role to meet this objective. They suggested continuous contact between JMP leadership and the journalists, to coordinate and promote the political and journalistic activities.

The JMP Supreme Council expressed gratitude over the non-governmental media who adopted and backed their reform project and introduced it to the public.