Promoting Yemen’s tourism [Archives:2003/03/Local News]

January 20 2003

Preparations are in full swing to hold the Yemeni Civilization exhibition in Spain.
The 26 September weekly newspaper said that the exhibition is to be launched in the capital of Spain on Feb. 5. It will last for three months and will include more than 600 pieces of antiquities.
The exhibition is geared to help promote tourism industry in Yemen.
It is expected that a number of Europeans will also offer their collections of Yemeni antiquities.
Meanwhile, the Yemeni-German Archaeological Expedition is working in the historical city of Sirwah in Marib governorate, 173 km east of Sana’a.
Research is being conducted on this historical city which was the first capital to the Kingdom of Sheba. It is one of the key tourist historical attractions in Yemen.
At the end of this year, a facility is to be built instead of moving the antiquities to the capital or any other city in the republic.
The facility will be used for protecting the historical engravings which are easily damaged by humidity, winds, rains and heat of the sun.