Promoting Yemen’s tourism [Archives:2003/648/Local News]

July 7 2003

A joint committee formed of public and private tourist sector to implement marketing and promoting campaign for the Yemeni tourist product in the European markets.
Forming the committee came as a result of negative indicators of the revenues of Yemeni tourist sector through the first term of this year 2003 and aiming to give the Yemeni tourism the trust again.
The committee will inform the representatives of the authorized diplomatic European institutions in Yemen about the tourist stable and safe atmosphere as well as the tourist facilities and programs that the official authorities offer to the foreign tourists.
The committee also prefers to gain the trust of the diplomatic authorities to encourage travelling to Yemen and provide a safety for them and reconsider the previous advice that harm the Yemeni tourist revenues to at least 5%.
The committee will contact the Yemeni embassies in the European countries to stimulate the tourist groups to visit Yemen.