Prompted by al Moayyad caseGermany and Yemen to sign agreement [Archives:2004/710/Local News]

February 9 2004

Thanks in part to the dispute over the arrest of the alleged terrorist Mohammed al-Moayyad in Germany last year, arrangements are underway this week with Germany to sign a security and technical cooperation protocol.
After charges that he was a member in Al Qaeda, the Yemeni was eventually handed over from Germany to the United States of America.
The Germans refused to return him to Yemen, because no treaty exists between Germany and the newly established Republic of Yemen regarding such prisoners.
Yemeni Interior Minister Dr. Rashad AlAlimi shall pay a visit to Germany in response to an invitation extended to him by the German Interior Minister and so as to sign the protocol.
Yemeni- German relations are witnessing development in various domains, and Germany is a major donor of assistance to Yemen, including security support.
At another level, the Yemeni Foreign Minister reiterated a request for the release of al Moayyad, and added that the evidence against Almoayyad is false and has no substance.
He also asked the Americans to treat his case with fairness, and to let him choose his defense to prove his innocence.