Proposal for Yemeni edition as part of “Indians overseas Encyclopedia”” [Archives:2005/861/Local News]”

July 21 2005

The Indian Diaspora is the third largest in the world after the British and the Chinese. The Encyclopedia of the Indians Overseas has attracted the support of major sponsors and is seen as an important project by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore, a well known centre for research on ethnic groups. Expected to be published at the beginning of 2006, the volume will comprise some 400 pages and will serve as a companion to the Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas. It will be divided between thematic discussion of migration, formation and experience of the Diaspora, and studies of Indian communities in the Diaspora.

Each contribution, generally in form of an essay, covers comprehensively the historical origin of the community, the conditions and specific features of the migration process, their historical experience in the country's social, cultural, educational and economic change, demographic changes, major events in the life of the community, political participation, the contemporary situation and major challenges at the beginning of the 21st century.

With stresses is modern period the Encyclopedia of the Indians Overseas is thought to be a major reference book for policy makers, scholars, researchers and students.

Irena Knehtl has researched and written on the Indian Diaspora in Yemen. She also initiated a proposal for a Yemeni Encyclopedia for which discussions with the National University in Singapore are already under way.