Prosecution accuses Al-Khaiwani of being Pro-Houthi [Archives:2007/1064/Front Page]

July 2 2007

SANA'A, July 1 ) The Specialized Penal Prosecution, (specializing in terrorism), is investigating the former Editor-in-Chief of over what it calls as ” his contribution in spreading Houthi views.”

Upon his arrestation on June 20, the prosecution justified Al-Khaiwani's arrest by his links to Third Sana'a Terrorist Cell affiliated with Houthis. He is accused by official parties of planting bombs in Sana'a, plotting to poison wells that provide army affiliates with water, bombing important state facilities, assassinating high ranking military and civil servants and developing remote explosive mobiles. They also decided to prolong his detention to one month, (instead of one week), following his arrest.

Political powers and Human Rights Organizations and activists reject the accusations directed to Al-Khaiwani and attribute his detention to his recent articles in local newspapers where he harshly criticizes the regime.

Some observers believe changing the accusations against Al-Khaiwani, who was also detained in 2005 and jailed for six months, is evidence of the baseless accusations against him and that it is rather a political detention.

It is worth mentioning that people form the National Security Apparatuses raided Al-Khaiwani's house on June 20th and arrested him in his pajamas before inspecting his house and confiscating his belongings.

A Professor of Political Science at the Sana'a University, Abdulalh Al-Faqih, considers Al-Khaiwani to be one of the number of symbols of freedom in Yemen as he receives targeting and suppression of the State.

Al-Faqih, who is also the spokesman of Change Organization for Defending Human Rights and Freedoms, delivered a speech during the demonstration organized last Tuesday before the cabinet building. He noted that Al-Khaiwani was poisoned when uncovering the plans aiming to hand down the ruling to President Saleh's son.

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information demanded of the Yemeni Government to set Al-Khaiwani free, hinting that these are the same accusations directed to journalists who criticize the State's treatment of Sa'ada events.

They went on to say: “Al-Khaiwani has been targeted by State for his writings that criticize the President and the way by which Yemeni government dealt with the crisis in Sa'ada when resorting to the military instead of peaceful option.”

Furthermore, the Network pleaded with the Yemeni Judiciary not to overlook the severe violations made by the security apparatuses during Al-Khaiwani's arrest as well as subjecting him to physical abuse. They gave their message to the Government: “You should not allow the Yemeni Government to drug you into a political enmity against a journalist who did nothing but expressing his opinion peacefully.”

Member of the Parliament and Yemeni Socialist Party affiliate, Sultan Al-Sam'ee, demanded that the Minister of Interior, Rashad Al-Alimi, attend a Parliament session to question him about the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Al-Khaiwani.

He also described the incident as disgraceful, law and constitution-violating, and against heavenly and earthly doctrines.

“I learnt that Al-Khaiwani had been arrested by security personnel in a barbaric way. He was detained in his pajamas and attacked with one of his daughters,” noted Al-Sam'ee.

Al-Khaiwani's lawyers, Khalid Al-Anisi and Abdu Al-Rab Al-Murtada, noted they did not attend the court session, because there was no session at all. They are accusing the prosecution of forging the resolution and attributing it to the court as it has no right to prolong Al-Khaiwani's detention.

Al-Anisi assured that the renewal of detention is illegal and invalid, considering the resolution of prolonging the detention to be a forgery of official minutes.

He added continuing the detention of Al-Khaiwani is unjustified, hinting he filed an appeal against the resolution and considered it to be a scandal which requires further investigation.

As for banning the visit, Al-Anisi declared the visit was banned by the directives of Al-Alimi and demanded an investigation against the party responsible for issuing such directives.

The Yemeni Center for Human Rights based in Canada , decided to internationalize Al-Khaiwani's case and formed a committee including Rahma Hujeerah, Adel Al-Dhahb and Lutfi Shatarah. They also allocated

$500 as prize for the best article modeled after Al-Khaiwani's ideas. The deadline for receiving the article is July 22 and the articles are to be sent to [email protected] .

In its statement, the Center (administered by Al-Dhahb), said that the regime managed to detain Al-Khaiwani's body, but not his mind.

It also denounced Al-Khaiwani's detention and considered it to be barbaric, stating that it exposes the State's intension to announce a new war on all those who appose the Sa'ada war.

Al-Dhahb likened the way by which Al-Khaiwani was arrested to the rules of criminal gangs, rather than those of a responsible State.