Prosecution accuses Hothi followers of planning to storm military sites and TV premise [Archives:2005/875/Front Page]

September 8 2005

5 Sept, Sana'a – YT: In the session for trying the 36 suspects accused of being Alhothi followers and who were accused of planning to carry out destructive attacks in the capital Sana'a . Prosecution disclosed that his cell were also planning to storm some premises such as the First armored brigade, TV premises in addition to planning to assassinate military and political leaders. These accomplices were not carried out because the didn't receive instruction from their leadership in Sana'a . The prosecution also presented a medial report of Ahmed Ali Raishan who was hurt by the attacker on the 29thof march 2005. Arms ceased with suspect Ibrahim Sharafadeen were also shown. Evidences that will convict the first suspect and other four were introduced. They were accused of forming an armed group to hurl grenades on military vehicles. The suspects refused the accusations and shouted the slogan of “Death to America, death to Israel”.

Advocates of the suspects confirmed the illegal accusations against their clients and demanded their release. The court postponed this matter till prosecution finishes their evidence of prosecution case. The court allowed the defendant's lawyers to copy the prosecution files.

According to UPI Yemen's public prosecutor Monday accused the followers of a slain rebel leader of having conspired to assassinate Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The prosecutor told a special court dealing with cases of terrorism that 36 followers of Hussein Badreddine al-Houthy, who are known as the Sanaa Cell, planned to attack the official television station's building, the headquarters of Yemeni intelligence in Sanaa in addition to the assassination of senior military and political officials, including President Saleh himself. The prosecutor then produced a list of evidence, including the testimony of prime defendant Ibrahim Sharafeddine, whom he said had confessed the conspiracy.