Prosecution investigates soldier’s death [Archives:2006/987/Local News]

October 5 2006

AL-MAHRAH, Oct. 3 ) Prosecution is still investigating the death of a traffic soldier, Mohamed Sa'eed Abdu, who died in Al-Mahrah prison last September.

Relatives of the victim sent a letter to concerned parties asking them to immediately investigate the death of the soldier. The relatives say he was tortured to death for unclear reasons. They said Abdu was jailed in Al-Ghaidha-based Central Prison for allegedly drinking alcohol.

In a statement to Yemen Times, one of the victim's relatives said Abdu's father refuses to take of the corpse of his son, which is placed in the hospital's morgue, until finding out the reason behind his death. There are allegations the traffic soldier was beaten to death.

Chief Magistrate of Appeal Prosecution in Al-Mahrah governorate sent a letter to security apparatuses at the Central Prison to investigate the soldier's death and then write a report on the incident. He sent another letter to public prosecution to probe the incident and verify whether the dead had been suffering any disease prior to being jailed.

A doctor is expected to examine the corpse and write a medical report on it for public prosecution. The Yemen Times learned that colleagues of the victim and Al-Mahrah Traffic Department sent a report about the incident, which took place in prison.