Prosecution investigates the murderers of Al-Shehari [Archives:2007/1034/Local News]

March 19 2007

SANA'A, 17 March ) According to a security official, the specialised security apparatuses arrested three people accused of killing Mansour Al-Shehari early this month in response to the demands of local citizens.

Mansour Al-Shehari was killed on Thursday, 1 March after he engaged in a heated argument with two adolescents, sons of a senior military commander at Air Forces, who had parked their car in front of the Al-Sabeen Martyrs School for girls in Haddah Zone and were harassing female students. Following the argument, they went home and returned with escorts belonging to their father. Upon their arrival, they shot Al-Shehari many repeatedly ignoring Al-Sheharis pleas for his life after having been shot in his legs.

An informed source at the capital's South-West Prosecution Service noted that the prosecution has initiated an investigating into those involved in the case and will refer them to judiciary when they have concluded their findings.

In an official statement, the Ministry of Interior assured citizens that, “the constitution and the law