Prosecution of Press [Archives:2001/40/Focus]

October 1 2001

Mohammed Sadeq Al-Udeini
Every Monday, a number of Editor-in-Chiefs of some partisan and independent newspapers namely, the Al-Ray Al-Aam, Al-Shomou, Sawt Al-Showra and Al-Omah, represented by its former editor in chief Abdulkarim Al-Khiwani are produced before the Secretariat West Court. At the same time, inside Sana’a, Al-Ayyam and Al-Haqiqah newspapers are also being prosecuted.
By today, Monday 24, 2001 Dallaq will complete a month and a week of his sit-in at the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS). The Syndicate cannot help him, as long as his opponent is a journalist, too, so that it is not perceived as an offense to a colleague. But Dallaq and his opponent who chairs the Moral Guidance Department and is the Editor-in-chief of a military newspaper are not equal in abilities for the former, in his present situation, does not earn anything for his and his family’s living or to afford for an advocate while the latter has everything.
Dallaq has been sentenced by a non-specialized court to a four-month imprisonment term. Although he is staying at the YJS he finds himself in a different kind of imprisonment where he can not have his freedom.
It is a pity that Dallaq can not find any support, while his opponent is very much sure about his job and position’ future.
Dallaq’s sit-in in the YJS, the identity that he belongs to, has become something normal just like the picture of late Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf hanging on the wall. It seems to me as if the picture feels sad and sorry for him that no changes occur to his case but his body which gets thinner day after day. His situation may continue like this to be a human value that faded away.
Let me appeal for all journalists and honest people to save Dallaq’s life and save his face. Let it be an open invitation for all consciences to stand by Dallaq financially and morally and to ensure a fair prosecution for him.