Protected Areas and Coastal Zones Management Project holds workshops [Archives:2004/753/Local News]

July 8 2004

A training session regarding protected areas was held on Tuesday June 29 at Al-Ghaitha City, Al-Mahra Governorate , organized by the Protected Areas and Coastal Zones Management Project, with the cooperation of Consulting Engineering Services (India) and Ghaitha Aqustech (Yemen). The session will focus on training participants in methods of how to administrate and protect protected areas properly.
15 trainees from Al-Mahra and a number of environmental experts at the Public Authority for the Protection of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture participated in the session.
On Saturday July 3, a workshop was also held at Ghaitha concerning planning the administration of Haouf Protected Area, to be implemented by the above two companies. 35 participants from various governmental authorities and corporations and leaders of civil society organizations contributed to the preparation of a sustainable plan to manage the Haouf Protected Area with the aim of preserving the diversity of animal and plant life. The workshop discussed ecological and biophysical issues, socio-economic development issues, legal and administrative issues, and possible economic alternatives for local citizens there.