Protecting Citizens from Accidents [Archives:2001/30/Focus]

July 23 2001

Abdulaziz M. Abdullah
Ministry of Interior is of the most important ministries for any country. Its main role is to ensure security for the people and protect them from any outlaws or perpetrators of acts of sabotage. The ministry has to enforce even the traffic laws. So many times you are taken aback by speedy cars which do not adhere to traffic regulations. Reckless drivers have increased remarkably these days. They never care to abide by traffic regulations in streets. They risk lives as well as make everybody disturbed to see this sight. Others drive while they are drunk, which is also very dangerous.
If the Interior Ministry has to draft a plan to ensure security in the country and put an end to crime, it is important that the Ministry puts measures to curb those ignorant and reckless drivers from jeopardizing lives.
It is clear that accidents have increased sharply recently in many governorates, especially in Aden. Furthermore, many accidents and violations of traffic laws are unreported and unchecked. Interior Ministry has to release monthly or every six months reports indicating accidents and violations so as to make use of them.
What I wanted to spotlight here is that if laws are not strict enough to be enforced and applied to all why not devising solutions and proposals to rectify the situation to stop those reckless guys in place. What vivid is that there are either old cars whose drivers do not care a bit to repair or fabulous cars driven by kids.
Micro-buses have also become a source of trouble for all. They drive at a break-neck speed causing accidents and traffic jams after each round-about. Vehicles using diesel have, furthermore, increased pollution. The great number of accidents in the past three months is a sure proof of this chaos. We want traffic laws to find their way to reality, to be implemented. We need to restore the dignity of law and order.