Protest urges UN action in Palestine [Archives:2006/961/Front Page]

July 3 2006

SANA'A, July 4 ) Thousands of Yemenis demonstrated in solidarity with Palestinians on Monday against violations and abuses of Israeli forces against civilians. Requesting backing for Palestinians, the demonstration set out from Al-Saba'een Street and headed to the United Nations office in Sana'a.

In a statement submitted to Mohamed Coheen, acting U.N. resident representative in Sana'a the U.N. representative in Sana'a demonstrators from parties, political organizations and NGOs, as well as political and social personalities and Hamas and Fatah representatives, called for supporting Palestinians and requested halting aggressive military actions against them.

Chanting slogans in support of Palestinians, the demonstrators called for lifting the siege imposed by Israeli forces, freeing all abducted ministers and Legislative Council members caught by Israeli forces.

Their statement called upon all political parties, organizations, NGOs and all Arab and Islamic peoples to stand by Palestinians via political activities, demonstrations and sit-ins. Additionally, they called for gathering aid and donations for Palestinians.

The statement further requested all Arab and Islamic governments, represented by the Arab League and the Islamic Conference Organization, to activate their previous outcomes regarding the Palestinian issue.

For his part, acting U.N. resident representative Coheen expressed his concern about actions in Palestine, including violence, killings and displacement of Palestinians. He further assured that he would relay the angry crowds' message to concerned U.N. officials.

Several political parties' leaders addressed the demonstrators, including Sheikh Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani, chairman of Islah party's Shoura Council, Sultan Al-Barakani, chairman of the General People's Congress, and many others.