Protestors demand participation in Jihad [Archives:2006/967/Front Page]

July 27 2006

By: Yasser Al-Mayasi
SANA'A, July 25 ) The Yemeni Lawyers Syndicate (YLS), Sana'a branch, organized a demonstration, denouncing the American-encouraged Israeli military action against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, considering it to be a violation of sovereignty.

Brandishing slogans disapproving of the Zionist occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, the protestors condemned the silence of the world and Arab nations regarding the Israeli massacres in Lebanon and Palestine.

The demonstration started at the old university and headed towards the Lebanese Embassy where the demonstrators handed over a letter, supporting Lebanese people and denouncing the Israeli crimes against them.

For its part, the YLS released a statement stating that the acts committed against the Palestinians and Lebanese are crimes of terrorism carried out by Israeli forces and backed by America.

The statement further condemned the attitudes of the Arab and Islamic leaders saying, “What is shameful is the position of some Arab leaders who hold the Lebanese people and resistance responsible for all this killing, destruction and extermination.”

The statement also called for Arab and Islamic people to come back to their religion's principles, without which the nation will be weak.

Additionally, the statement called on the Arab and Islamic nation to gather around the noble Arab and Islamic leaders who support Jihad and resistance, and reaffirmed the importance of backing the Lebanese and Palestinian people and their brave resistance.

It also asked to activate the Arab Treaty for Joint Defense and to enable the Arab and Muslim youth's participation in Jihad so that Lebanon and Palestine would not have to stand alone in facing the arrogance of American-Zionist terrorism.

Lawyer Nabil Al-Joubi, one of the demonstration organizers, declared, “This demonstration aims to back the Lebanese and Palestinian people and it is the least one can do. The Arab and Islamic peoples should act in order to make their leaders, who preferred to commit themselves to silence, hear their voices. The hope lies with the Arab and Islamic peoples, as the leaders will do nothing.”

Al-Joubi added, “If the attitudes of Arab and Islamic countries were strong and united, the matter would be different and Israel would not attempt to do anything.”