Protests around the republic [Archives:2007/1088/Front Page]

September 24 2007

Mohammed bin Sallam
SANA'A, September 23 ) Hundreds of military and civil pensioners staged a protest in Aden on Sunday, in solidarity with the head of the coordinating council for military pensioners associations Brig. Nasser Al-Nawbah, who is now in prison. The protest took place despite heavy security forces, who tried to disperse the protestors, in vain.

Al-Nawbah was arrested in his home because of his leadership role in the protests taking place in southern governorates since the beginning of this year. Because of his rank, he will be receiving a military trial.

In order to mitigate the situation, President Saleh met end of last week with around 850 officers reinstated recently in their military units. He directed concerned authorities to reinstate all officers suspended from work following 1994 war, while the absence period is calculated as part of service and they will be granted the deserved promotions, bonuses, etc.


Protestors in Al-Dhal'e governorate demanded the state to create an independent committee to look into the ongoing protests issue.

They also chanted slogans against the price hikes, corruption and killing innocents together with arresting those participating in peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins in Aden, Hadramout and Al-Dhal'e.


The Coordinating Council of military and civil pensioners accused Aden's security forces on Thursday of preventing them from staging an open sit-in recalled for by the council and was due to be staged in Khour Maksar's Parades Square.

The Secretary General of the Coordinating Council Brig. Nasser Abdulqawi told media outlets they decided to suspend the sit-in after security forces laid a siege around Parades Square, hinting such a measure is taken for the safety of demonstrators and to avoid any potential clash with security forces.


Similarly, over five thousand men staged a sit-in before Hajjah's governorate building on Saturday, asking the government to respect people and limit price hikes, and corruption. They promised to continue protest until the government meets their demands.


In Taiz, thousands of citizens demonstrated on Thursday in line with similar sit-ins and demonstrations staged in different provinces. Many opposition leaders delivered speeches in which they criticized starving policies of the ruling party as well as using force against protestors.


Lahj's Habil Fadhl locals blocked the main road linking Al-Omari villages and districts in protest against the inordinate price hikes. They stressed their lives have become difficult especially when a sack of wheat reached YR 7,000, while a gas cylinder mounted to YR 1,000.

The locals said they blocked the way to prevent the monopolizing merchants' Lorries from passing by their areas, demanding authorities to quickly work on reduce prices, or otherwise they will continue their blockade.