Proving its credibility once again:YT distributes prizes [Archives:2004/731/Community]

April 22 2004

Yemen Times started distributing prizes of the winners of the Sanaa Cultural Millions Competition 2004 that was held in the last quarter of 2003 and early 2004.
The prize winners received their prizes at the headquarters of Yemen Times in Sanaa starting April 18.
The Grand prize winner was Mr. Ahmed Al-Huthaifi, who won the YR 1 million cash prize. He was handed the prize in the form of a check by Yemen Times Editor Walid Al-Saqqaf at the newspaper's main office in Sanaa.
The other winners received gifts ranging from YR 500,000 to YR 5,000 plus several fabulous prizes such as air tickets and TV sets, cookers, stereos, etc..
Winners expressed their sincere gratitude to the newspaper for its accurate handling of the competition and for the overall success that adds to the successes of the earlier competitions held by the newspaper for the last four years.

Undeniable credibility
Grand prize winner Al-Hudhaifi told Yemen Times in a short interview that he was not surprised when he was delivered his prize as he has always been a believer in the honesty and credibility of the newspaper. In fact he also won YR 100,000 cash prize in the 2002-2003 competition.
“When I was told that I won the YR 1 million prize, I couldn't believe it. I thought that my friends were making jokes with me. Then I found my name published on the Yemen Times. I could have come to see the draw myself at the headquarters, as I knew that it would be carried out in the specific time at the newspaper's building in Sanaa, but I decided to just wait until the results are out. I am truly grateful to the newspaper for its undeniable credibility that we don't find often nowadays.” Al-Hudhaifi said.
Being one of the regular readers of the newspaper, Al-Hudhaifi asserted that he always believed that the newspaper would not let him down as he has been following its issues ever since it was established.
“Throughout the years since I started reading Yemen Times, it gave me information, hope and inspiration. But now it also gave me a cash prize I never dreamed of. May praise be to Allah and thanks to the newspaper and all its staff members.”

Enhanced Popularity
On the occasion of handing the prizes to the winners, the Editor-in-Chief expressed his utmost gratitude and appreciation to all hundreds of thousands of participants in the competition, and emphasized the level of honesty and accuracy of the competition, which has indeed added greater popularity and outreach for the newspaper. In fact, it has reached the furthest areas in the Republic through word of mouth of more than 350 winners who spread the word about the newspaper's accuracy and reliability in holding competitions.
“I was advised by a friend that I should participate in the competition. I initially told him that I didn't believe in competitions and could not trust any newspaper or party organizing such things because I don't believe that they are honest. But after my friend insisted and said that he participated once and won, I decided to try my luck. I participated, and guest what? I won more than YR 500,000. This competition was true, and the draw was honest and transparent. This is why I committed myself to participate in future competitions too.” the winner of the second prize said.

Nor the first, neither the last
The competition will continue, said Editor-in-Chief Walid Al-Saqqaf, “We plan to hold more competitions in the future, especially as the competitions have proven an opportunity to draw a smile on the faces of hundreds of winners, and to bring exposure and publicity to sponsors, who have gained tremendously out of the competition and will continue to in the future.”
“I thank the sponsors of the competition, whose contribution and involvement was essential for the success of the competition. It is indeed a great honor to inform them all that the competition has reached its target and has shown that they have been involved in an event that was carried out transparently, honestly, and accurately.” Al-Saqqaf added.