PSF: Al-Moayad receives unjust ruling [Archives:2005/869/Front Page]

August 18 2005

SANA'A- The Popular Solidarity Forum (PSF) issued on Monday August 15 a statement expressing support for Sheikh Mohammad al-Moayad and his companion Mohammad Zaid who are imprisoned in Brooklyn, the United States.

“The ruling issued against al-Moayad is unjust, violates all the legislations, traditions and international laws and never serves the world peace,” the statement said. “Such unjust ruling will inflame hatred and animosity toward the U.S. in all Arab and Muslim nations.”

According to the statement, the U.S. is machinating a conspiracy against itself, its values, and the integrity of its justice.

A number of prominent figures and NGOs attended the forum, which organized a vast gathering at the Studies and Research Center. It appealed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, being the head of the state, to intervene in the case, work for securing the release of the pair and demand their homecoming.

The statement urged Arab and Muslim nations and human rights organizations to have loud voice to inform the U.S. of the condemnation and denunciation by around 1.5 billion Muslims, and express solidarity with both prisoners.

Those who attended the forum confirmed the weakness of the Arab governments and leaders is the motive, which encouraged the U.S. to torture Muslims, occupy their lands and plunder their wealth.

The political parties who attended the festival strongly condemned the verdict and insisted on various organizations to claim the release of the two men.

During the event, several speeches were delivered by sheikhs and religious scholars who had shown their concern over the oppression practiced against Sheikh al-Moayad and his companion. They described the ruling as a type of oppression and transgression practiced by the U.S. that confiscates rights of the Muslim nations, pointing out that that contradicts the international law and human rights principles and produces hatred among Muslims towards the U.S.

Sheikhs and religious scholars requested the government not to accept the verdict that violates status of Yemen and rights of Yemeni citizens and demanded all Yemeni tribes to continue their pressure on the government to take an action for releasing al-Moayad and Zaid.

The gathering is part of a series of popular activities and rallies that support the detainees and ask the US authorities to free them. The unjust verdict has raised concern among Muslims in general and Yemenis in particular.

Sheikh Mohammad al-Moayad was caught in a deceptive manner, along with his aide Mohammad Zaid, when they traveled to Germany for medical treatment. The US authorities wanted him on suspicion of plotting acts of terrorism and funnelling money to al-Qaeda Network.