PSO arrests al-Qaeda suspect [Archives:2004/725/Front Page]

April 1 2004

The Yemeni Political Security Organization (PSO) arrested on Monday in Ibb Governorate a Yemeni citizen suspected of being a member of al-Qaeda, a local source said.
The source said that the Intelligence Officers arrested Najeeb Saleh al-Muraisi on charges of having links to al-Qaeda after his arrival from Thailand.
Al-Muraisi was one of the young militants who fought in Bosnia during mid 1990s.
He came back at the beginning of last week from Thailand where he had been teaching the Holy Quran in schools for the last three years. He previously worked in the Philippines for two years. It was reported that he decided to come back to Yemen after five years to invest the money he gained during his time abroad.
There have not been any other details released on the arrested al-Qaeda suspect.