Psychiatric Hospital opened in Hodeida [Archives:2005/887/Local News]

October 20 2005

HODEIDA – Oct. 19 – As part of its annual celebration, the Popular Charitable Society (PCS) opened the psychiatric hospital to provide medical treatment to people who suffer from mental diseases.

The governor of Hodeida and a large number of senior officials, businessmen and district chiefs attended the event.

Chairman of the PCS, Abdulwas'e Abdulwadood, pointed out that they intended to upgrade the level of medical services at the hospital.

Before, the hospital merely consisted of rooms where people suffering from mental disorders could live. Now, the facility has been converted into a hospital where the patients will also be examined for scientific purposes.

The PCS made sure that the new buildings were established at the hospital at the cost of 198 million riyals. Locals, business people and traders in the governate had donated some of the money, and the President of the Republic contributed 40 million riyals to the establishment of the hospital. Equipment and furniture will cost 800.000 US Dollars. To this effect, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor has stated that he will contribute 250.000 thousand Dollars.

The Chairman of the PCS said: “In cooperation with Hodeida University, we work hard to provide a scientific research center to study the conditions of the patients to help the hospital administration render suitable medicine and distinctive services according to the scientific methods.”

The Governor of Hodeida said, that this kind of medical service is not a good deed from us, rather it is a human duty to be done by everyone.

The General Director of the Health Office in the governate ordered the endorsement of pensions for the disabled and encouraged donor organizations to extend their help to the disabled.