Psychological Pressures on Yemeni Working Women [Archives:1998/10/Local News]

March 9 1998

Ms. Bilquis M. Jobari was awarded a masters degree with distinction for her thesis on the “Psychological Pressures on Yemeni Working Women,” the first of its kind in Yemen and possibly in the Arab World, on Monday, March 2 at the Psychology Department, College of Arts, Sanaa University. In addition to the discussion panel, the dissertation session was attended by senior professors and lecturers at Sanaa University.
The study’s main findings included some of the following.
1- A major source of psychological pressure for Yemeni working women is family life. Feelings of guilt for neglecting the children by going out to work were found to be prevalent among professional women. Lack of proper nurseries and kindergartens compounded the problem. Husbands are also to blame for refraining from household responsibilities.
2- Other source of psychological pressure is low pay, which is not usually in keep with the work tasks and duties.
3- Psychological pressures were found to decrease with the rise in the women’s educational level, high pay, and older age.
4- Psychological pressures increased with the increase in the number of children.