Public Universities plan to go on strike [Archives:2004/801/Local News]

December 23 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
The council of teaching staff syndicates in seven Yemeni public universities held a meeting last Sunday December 19, and came out with the decision of hanging small red cloths before going on strike to be announced on Saturday December 25. The decision was taken because the government has not taken active procedures to raise salaries of the teaching staff of the universities.
The syndicates council sent last Saturday December 18, a number of letters to the concerned governmental bodies asking for better salaries for the teaching staff. The list of addressees includes the State Presidency and the Parliament.. the council gave the concerned authorities a two-day respite to reach a settlement concerning the salary rise draft.
In a statement released after the meeting, the council had expressed that it had studied all alternatives and possibilities through which their lawful demands could be answered.
“The government has long withheld our rights,” the statement of the council representing university staff said.
The council stated that they would not hesitate to exhaust all legal and constitutional means to get their lawful rights which they should be given to university teachers and their assistants.
“The government should have given these rights to the teachers since 2002,” the council added.
The members of the council vowed at the end of their statement to take make the appropriate reaction in case the government responded undesirably intending to prolong or procrastinate the issue.