Public Works Project One of the successful projects [Archives:2004/760/Community]

August 2 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Under the title “For targeting the poor and needy sector” and under the auspices of Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Sofan, the Minister of Planning and Int. Cooperation, a 4-day workshop to improve the field survey for the public works project was concluded on Wednesday 28th July.
Mr. Abu Baker AL-Kerbi, the minister of foreign affairs and steering committee member, attended the inauguration ceremony in which he assured as to the importance of participation in different social and political activities and civilian societies in supporting the country's efforts that seek to achieve a balanced development via fair distribution among the governorates. He added that the partnership would yield fruitful results in curbing poverty as in accordance with the government's priorities.
The minister also praised the results that the PWP has achieved in successfully making it an example for other developments in Yemen.
On the other hand, Mr. Saeed Ahmed Abu, the PWP director, stressed the importance of engaging all the concerned bodies in collecting data to evaluate the tools of collecting data about the local communities that benefit from PWP.”
He added “The PWP administration seeks to develop performance via previous experience and the similar international experiences. There are about 40 participants of the PWP cadre that will be trained for four days in an extensive training program in the field survey.”
Nasra Salim Daair, Investment Planner, told the Yemen Times “The main objective of the workshop is to train engineers on improved methodology and tools for targeting poor and deprived communities and data collection of the beneficiaries.”
She further said, “The participants actively discussed each field, its relevance, participating, and the best source of information. The trainees discussed also on the importance of data collection for monitoring performance of the project during evaluation.”
She added, “The tools will be modified accordingly and take into account the comments and discussions”
She concluded, “The participants discussed issues very positively and the PWP expects that this training workshop will yield improved approaches and more accurate and relevant data that is relied upon for evaluation.”