Publishes 5th issueMagazine deals with women’s issues [Archives:2004/787/Local News]

November 4 2004

For The Yemen Times
To help raise awareness on human rights and women rights within the Yemeni community, the WFRT has issued the fifth issue of its magazine “Freedoms and Rights.”
It was enriched by numerous topics on rights, participated in by a large number of activists and advocates in our country and different Arab countries, especially dealing with women's rights in Islam, as it relates to the verification between the verses and the jurisprudence.
It has contained a number of topics such as “Halving the women's ransom (blood money) in the Shariah and the Fact” by Muhammad Saif al-Odainy, and “Halving the Women's witness” by the Advocate Jamal al-Jo'bi, and some other topics relevant to women.
As well, Dr. Abdul Wahab Shamsan has an article “Humanitarian International Law and the Violations Against Women.”
And also some others like Dr. Fuad al-Salahi and Prof,. Muhammad Abdullah al-Hakimy have participated by their writings on women.
The “Freedoms and Rights” issue is considered the sole magazine which focuses and studies the facts of human and women's rights, to the local and Arab level.
Meanwhile, the 10th and 11th issues of ” The Forum” have handled the New Liberalism Globalization,” “How to Challenge Women's Rights and its Problems,” “The Women's Movement in Globalization Era – Will it be Demolished?” and a number of conflicts existing among the generations in the women's movement, in addition to other women's issues.