Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?! [Archives:2005/907/Last Page]

December 29 2005

n essence, creation is harmonious by nature. Living beings can accommodate each other including beasts that only kill to eat.

Many Yemenis have developed the habit of keeping pets at home. In earlier times, and even today in rural areas, Yemenis kept domestic animals in stables and on farms for food and trade. Although raising cattle and sheep mainly is done to utilize the animals' milk or meat, many Yemenis take a friendly, sometimes even loving, attitude toward the animals. Many families have given their goats, sheep and even cows pet names and talk to them as if they are best friends.

Of course, raising pets of a heavier weight is not very feasible in the cities. Urban Yemenis raise smaller pets such as cats, birds and sometimes dogs. Unfortunately, some people still treat cats and dogs cruelly. Nevertheless, others have created a bond so strong that they take their pets with them wherever they go.