Putrid goods and smuggled Panadol caught [Archives:2003/667/Local News]

September 11 2003

Taiz, 9 September – Environmental Health Administration in the Cairo District of Taiz headed by Mr. Tariq Al-Ashwal carried out a massive campaign to stop any stores that sell out-dated nutritious goods or smuggled medicine in the district. The campaign was concerned with the damaged and putrid goods that had expired and yet being marketed to the local people. The campaign was also concerned with the expired medicines – especially Panadol, the common sedative, most of which have entered the market through smuggling from unknown sources.
Sources at the administration said that pharmacy owners refused to buy these medicines hence they found a place in some groceries and supermarkets. The authorities have issued instructions to trace all such products and confiscate and destroy them. It also issued a warning to pharmacies and commercial shops not to deal with these defected goods and with smugglers, who carelessly and invariably cause harm to the citizens carelessly.