“Qat Does not Make Life” carnival [Archives:2004/750/Local News]

June 28 2004

Taiz Bureau

Thursday, June 24- The Association for Confronting the Effects of Qat, held a carnival during which it honored the students who contributed in the success of the carnival, held on the occasion of the 6th anniversary for the foundation of the association.
The association, in addition to other activities, honored also Dr. Mustafa Al-Qais for his efforts in the association's awareness programs on the dangers to chewing Qat, as he will soon depart Yemen for his home country Iraq.
The Chairman of the Association, Mr. Shukri Al-Gharis, praised the efforts of the students of both genders who participated in the carnival. He confirmed the continuous efforts of the association to fight Qat until its total eradication from the Yemeni society.
Dr. Abdullah Nasher, and from the Faculty of Agriculture, Sana'a University, Dr. Raneah Dokum and other administrative personnel at the association attended the carnival.