Qat Hazards Control Society is organizer Third Ramadhan Cultural Forum wraps up [Archives:2003/686/Local News]

November 17 2003

Taiz, Nov. 15 – Organized by the Taiz-based Qat Hazards Control Society, in coordination with the Social and Cultural Committee of the Taiz Clubs, the Third Ramadhan Cultural Forum concluded its activities on Nov. 10.
The forum, which ran November 4-10 was financed by the Yemen Company for Ghee & Soap Industry.
During the inaugural ceremony, a number of speeches were delivered by Mohammed Yahya Alwan, Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Taiz Clubs, placing an emphasis on the leading role of the society, as well as the cultural committee for adopting cultural activities which are useful for new generations.
The event was attended by the Chairman of the Qat Hazards Control Society, Shukri al-Furais, and Mohammed Bin Mohammed Abdulmalik al-Hiajem, the Taiz governorate Deputy.
Al-Hiajem praised the society’s role in holding such cultural activities and confirmed the necessity of the Taiz governorate leadership to support such activities.
During the inaugural ceremony, a number of winners and participants were honored.
During the 7-day program, a number of cultural competitions were held such as a Qura’an competition, caricature and chanting competition, extemporaneous poetry debate, cultural individual contests, and lectures.
The society’s chairman Shukri Abdullah Al-Furais confirmed that the program aimed at attracting youths and encouraging them to utilize their minds.
The society combats chewing and dealing with Qat regularly by holding meetings, giving lecturers on Qat-related issues, and printing leaflets and posters to raise awareness among the public.