Qirbi Praises Islamic Conference (OIC) Results [Archives:2001/51/Front Page]

December 17 2001

Yemen’s foreign minister Dr Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi described results of the emergency conference of the Organization of Islamic foreign ministers meting in Doha, Qatar as good and positive, saying the meeting has achieved many political goals required by the Palestinian Authority.
Dr al-Qirbi said that the OIC conference final statement included a number of recommendations confirming political support for the Palestinian Authority pertaining to reaching a peaceful solution leading to the establishment of the Palestinian state with making the U.S. incumbent upon meeting all its pledges on establishment of the Palestinian state. And that in addition to the support that we wish the Palestinian Authority to gain from the Arab and Islamic states in a manner enabling it to resolutely stand up to the Israeli arrogance besides keenness on continuation of the Intifada, the instrument that resulted in the U.S. administration announcement of accepting the establishment of a Palestinian state, he added.
Responding to a question on Yemen’s participation at the closed-door session of OIC emergency meeting the minister said Yemen had taken part in the committees that drafted the final statement in addition to offering its viewpoint concerning various topics. The minister praised the setting up of an Islamic follow-up committee regarding the implementation of resolutions contained in the statement, expressing his hope that the OIC resolutions would be mandatory for all governments.
On the reasons behind postponing the Arab foreign ministers emergency consultative meeting, Dr al-Qirbi said there was a call for holding a meeting by the follow-up committee set by the Arab summit but Syria asked to hold an Arab foreign ministers emergency meeting but the timing was rather difficult for Arab foreign ministers to take part in the Arab foreign ministers emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday and attend the OIC meeting in Doha on Monday. As the Arabs are part of the Islamic world and the issue is the same it was proposed to postpone the Arab foreign ministers meeting and their participation to be in meetings of the OIC.