QSGA destroys foodstuffs [Archives:2004/801/Local News]

December 23 2004

Hodeida Bureau
The Quality and Standards General Authority (QSGA) destroyed about 35982 tons of foodstuffs worth YR10, 384,366, including 372 ton of flour on Dec. 15.
“The Authority refused to permit the wheat cargo of 28701 tons because it is not of the required standards and quality. The authority returned 34, 478 tons of flour, wheat and sugar worth of YR 1, 125,636,120” Hussein al-Wushah, General-Manager of QSGA, Hodeida Branch, said.
“Ten thousand and seven hundred boxes of foodstuffs worth of YR 7,105,300 were re-exported,” Al-Wushah added, and “2109 tons of flour, rice, and 267 boxes of various foodstuffs worth of YR 9, 895,139 were also confiscated until they are re-exported or destroyed.”