Quality Improvement in Further Education [Archives:2007/1033/Local News]

March 15 2007

SANA'A, March 14 ) The British Council and the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training will be holding a series of workshops on Quality Improvement in Further Education in Sana'a from 17 – 21 March. The workshops will be attended by delegates from the Gulf States of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as well as representatives from Morocco, Iraq, Syria and Jordan. Twenty Yemeni delegates will also be attending the workshops.

The workshops will be delivered at Sana'a Community College by a specialist team from the UK's Adult Learning Inspectorate and will focus on the methods and techniques employed to improve and maintain standards in an institute of further education such as a Technical College or a Vocational Training Centre. The workshops will focus on a number of areas relating to quality management including self assessment, building a quality community, making accurate assessments of learning, using student opinion and assessing the management of institutions. The workshops will also include actual observation of learning and feedback to instructors, and interviewing and feedback with college managers.

“The purpose of the workshops,” says Khadija Alsarhi, British Council Project Coordinator in Sana'a, “is to provide the opportunity for delegates to experience first hand the practical implementation of quality control processes on a college rather than just look at the theory.”

Abdulla Gubari, Deputy Minister for Standards and Quality at the Ministry of TEVT believes that the workshops will provide an excellent opportunity for the sharing of quality assurance expertise and inspection techniques between colleagues from the region and beyond. “The issue of vocational training and the establishing of robust measures to maintain standards is an issue which has attracted growing attention in all Gulf Countries over recent years,” said Mr Gubari.

“ALI have put together an excellent programme which will stimulate the delegates and provide them with hands on experience,” explains Dr. Abdulsamad Haza'a, Dean of the Community College in Sana'a. Dr Haza'a is pleased that his College will be the subject of these workshops and hopes that the good practices explored will be of use to other Vocational Training Colleges in Yemen.

Tony Calderbank of the British Council expressed his thanks to the large number of people who have been involved in putting the programme together. “It is an excellent opportunity for us to work with the Ministry of TEVT and the College in Sana'a,” he said. “I hope this programme will be a fruitful venture, assisting educational and vocational co-operation throughout the region and further consolidating the strong ties between the UK, Yemen and the Gulf States.”