Quantities of drugs and hashish seized in Marib [Archives:2005/844/Local News]

May 23 2005

Marib, May 18- 1600 kg of drugs and hashish valued at YR 5 million were seized and burnt last Wednesday in Wadi Abida, 20 km to the east of the city of Marib. Such quantities of drugs and hashish were seized by citizens, with many farmers involved in the plantation of hashish after taking lands on lease and planting them with hashish without the knowledge of their owners. The process of burning the seized quantities of drugs and hashish took place in the presence of Marib Governor and General Director of Police Department, Brigadier Abdunnaser al-Qawsi who pointed out that it is the first time to see such a shocking fact in the governorate of Marib.

Locals in Wadi Abida attributed the proliferation of hashish plantation to the existence of Somalis who illegally infiltrate into the governorate.