Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Celebrated and a British Trade Mission to Arrive in November HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR MAJESTY [Archives:2000/26/Last Page]

June 26 2000

The British Embassy in Sana’a celebrated last Monday , June 19th at the Ambassador’s residence the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.. The event was attended by a lot of diplomats, politicians, businessmen, media people and others. On this occasion the British Ambassador to Yemen Mr. Vic Henderson delivered a speech in which he said ” we need more friends of Yemen in Britain and more friends of Britain in Yemen. In short, we need increased bilateral contacts across the board.” He also said that he is happy to announce that the first British trade mission would visit Yemen in November since the tragic fiasco of Abyan in September 1998. The ambassador said he hoped to see increased high-level visits in both directions, the ones which grab the headlines. He also praised the visits made by some Yemeni politicians from Yemen to Britain, noting that the Minister of Public Health and the Chairman of the Yemeni-British Friendship Association Dr. Abdullah Abdulwali Nasher will be visiting Britain in a couple of weeks to receive a richly-deserved honorary degrees from the University of Southampton.
Dr. Abdulwali Nasher delivered a speech highlighting the greatness of the 19th of June, the birthday of Her Majesty and the National Day of Great Britain, as it coincides with the signing of the International Border Treaty between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Nasher observed that Yemeni-British relations and friendship are deeply rooted in history. These relations sometimes witness ups and downs, the last down took place in the tragic Abyan incident. However, the minister said that we are all optimistic that Yemeni-British relations will go ahead and witness sustainable growth and development.
The British Consulate in Aden also celebrated the Queen’s Birthday. The event was also attended by the Governor of Aden Mr. Taha Ghanem and other diplomats. The attendants cherished the Yemeni-British relationship and the signing of the border treaty between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
It is worth noting that the British Ambassador to Yemen Mr. Henderson will retire from the Diplomatic Service next January but he said that he and his wife Heather would stay for some time in Yemen after retirement. By: Mohammed Hatem Al-Qadhi
Managing Editor, Yemen Times

Al-Maqaleh Glides over the Alp Yemeni glider Mohammed Saleh Maqaleh has recently taken part in hang gliding championship held in France 25 May to 5 June 2000 as the first Arab crossing with a glider over the Alp.
Maqaleh told Yemen Times that he had won a cup in that championship and that during his participation he got acquainted with many gliders and training men from Alp Club and Alp School. He extended an invitation to a French hange gliding club to visit Yemen and proposed the idea of holding a world championship of this sports game and that Yemen should be one of their stopovers.
In an interview with Yemen Times Maqaleh criticized the defective role the Yemeni ministry of youth is playing with respect to supporting and encouraging sportsmen in Yemen.