Queen Elizabeths Jubilee year celebrated [Archives:2002/23/Local News]

June 3 2002

The Queens Jubilee festival was inaugurated on Saturday in Aden at the presence of the British Ambassador to Yemen, Francis Guy with the return of Queen Victorias statue to the city. The statues return has been suggested by Abdo Shamakh of Shafa Construction.
Several British antiques are to be repaired in the governorate of Aden such as, Tawahi gardens and the Little Ben in Aden within the few coming months. The Jubilee year in Aden will therefore be marked by these two small contributions to the recognition of our shared history, the British ambassador said.
Inaugurating such events will of course helps a lot to enhance relationships between Yemen and the UK.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by the deputy governor of Aden, the Aden Security Director, Mohammed Saleh and the Brigadier General, Mahdi Maqoola and a host of others.