Quranic schools no longer in Ministry of Education [Archives:2003/682/Local News]

October 30 2003

Quranic schools in Yemen, formerly run by the Ministry of Education, will now be affiliated to the Ministry of Endowments.
This comes after an attempt was made to merge the schools with basic educational schools of the Ministry of Education, as well as the Quran and Islamic institutions, but the attempt was cancelled and now efforts are done to affiliate them to the Ministry of Endowments.
The syllabus taught in these schools will be monitored by the ministry which works hard in eradicating extremism in the syllabus and fanatic beliefs.
It is worth mentioning that President Abdu Saleh has donated 1 million YR last Thursday for Mua’ath school, for teaching the Quran, while attending a celebration for the winners in the fourth competition for learning the Quran.
Shiekh Abdullah Bin Hussain al-Ahmar also donated the same amount to the same school.
The number of schools affiliated to the charity society for teaching the Quran, of Hael Saeed Group, reached 198 schools in various parts of Yemen.