Rada’a: 6 Killed and 5 Injured in Tribal Clashes [Archives:2002/03/Front Page]

January 14 2002

Six people were killed and five were seriously injured in tribal clashes between two tribes in Rada’a City 140 km to the south of Sana’a last Saturday.
A tribal source said the clashes resumed between Aal Jaraoon tribesmen and others from al-Suraima tribe. The fighting first erupted on February 22 last year when Mohammed Moqbel Jaraoon, an independent runner for Local Elections, was shot dead, the source said. Fingers were pointed at members of al-Suraima tribe.
Two people were killed and two others injured from the al-Suraima tribe while two tribesmen from the Aal Jaraoon tribe were seriously injured during the clashes which lasted for a whole day, the source added. During the clashes different weapons such as, projectiles, machine guns, etc. were used culminating in the devastation of four houses. Similarly, four people died and a man was injured in an armed confrontation between Aal Jabri tribesmen and people from al- Thahab tribe. The two sides were attending a wedding when a quarrel among them started. The quarrel later developed to an armed clash.